The Sunnah Way of Eating

The Sunnah Way of Eating

Our blessed prophet & messenger, Muhammed (S.A.W) was the greatest of all men and other prophets. He is the ideal example of perfect character.

There are certain eating etiquettes we as Muslims must do our best to adhere to and follow as this was the way prescribed by our beloved prophet (S.A.W). This article will cover some of these etiquettes.

The Sunnah way of eating Islamographic/Infographic

Let’s take a look at these in a little more detail.

 1) To Wash your Hands: 

Try to wash your hands with water before beginning your meal. (Abu Dawud & Ibn Majjah)

 2) To say Bismillah: 

Don’t forget to recite Bismillah before starting your meal. (Tirmidhi)

 3) Eating Together: 

Try to have your meal together with your family. (Ibn Majah)

 4) Sit on the Floor: 

Try to eat your meal on the floor. (Abu Ya’laa)

 5) Eat with your Right Hand: 

Always eat with your right hand. (Bukhari & Muslim)

 6) Eat from your Side: 

Eat from your side of the plate. (Bukhari & Muslim)

 7) Eat with 3 Fingers: 

These should be your thumb, middle and index fingers. (Muslim)

 8) Don’t Criticise Any Food: 

Even if it doesn’t taste great, try to remain polite. (Bukhari & Muslim)

 9) Praise Good Food: 

Always compliment the chef if you enjoyed the food! (Muslim)

 10) Don’t Waste Food: 

If something falls, attempt to clean it & then eat. Also only put enough food onto your plate so none is wasted, try to clean your plate of food every time you eat. (Muslim)

 11)  Avoid Overeating: 

Only eat enough to fill your stomach, avoid having too much. (Tirmidhi)

 12) Lick your Fingers: 

Lick your fingers once you’re done eating. (Muslim)

 13) Praise Allah: 

Finish up praising thank Allah. (Muslim)

We hope & pray you’re able to start implementing these sunnah into your daily lives. If our article has been useful please do check out our other ones!

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