The 4 Fard of Wudhu

The 4 Fard of Wudhu

What is Wudhu?

Wudhu (ablution) is an Arabic term used to describe the procedure of washing certain parts of the body which readies one for prayer & worship. It’s important to note that one cannot offer daily prayers or touch the Holy Qur’an without Wudhu.

Along with the Fard of Wudhu there are many parts of Wudhu which are Sunnah or Mustahab – we will discuss these in a separate article at a later date.

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What are the 4 Fard of Wudhu?

The 4 Fard of Wudhu Islamographic/Infographic

When performing Wudhu, one must ensure they do the following four things:

  1. To wash the entire face. (From one earlobe to the other & from the forehead to the chin)
  2. To wash the arms up to and including the elbows.
  3. To do Masah and wipe a quarter of the head. 
  4. To wash the feet up to and including the ankles.

And that covers the farz of wudu. We pray that our article has helped you in some way, shape or form. If you enjoyed this article, be sure to check out our other ones!

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