Islamic Manners: 16 Phrases and Their Meanings

Islamic Manners: 16 Phrases and Their Meanings

Do you know what to say before you begin a task? Or do you know what to say after someone sneezes?

The Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) had impeccable manners and preached the importance of good manners on numerous occasions. As such, we as Muslims should follow in his sunnah and strive to do the same.

In this article we’ll cover 16 basic phrases that relate to Islamic manners as well as their meanings.

1) Bismillah

Bismillah - in the name of Allah (SWT) - When starting to do something

 Phrase:  Bismillah.

 Meaning:  In the name of Allah.

 When to say:  When starting to do something.

2) Assalamu’Alaikum


 Phrase:  Assalamu’Alaikum.

 Meaning:  Peace be upon you.

 When to say:  When greeting someone.

3) Waalaikum’Salam


 Phrase:  Waalaikum’Salam.

 Meaning:  Peace be upon you too.

 When to say:  In reply to a greeting.

4) Insha’Allah


 Phrase:  Insha’Allah.

 Meaning:  If Allah wishes.

 When to say:  When hoping to do something.

5) Subhan’Allah


 Phrase:  Subhan’Allah.

 Meaning:  Glory to Allah.

 When to say:  Rememberance of Allah. Praising someone. When witnessing a glory of Allah (This could be anything such as, Allahs creations, His laws, His decree, His commands etc)

6) Masha’Allah


 Phrase:  Masha’Allah.

 Meaning:  What Allah likes.

 When to say:  In appreciation of something.

7) Fi’Amanillah


 Phrase:  Fi’Amanillah.

 Meaning:  In the protection of Allah.

 When to say:  When seeing someone off.

8) Jazakallah Khairun

Jazakallah Khairun

 Phrase:  Jazakallah Khairun.

 Meaning:  May Allah give you the best reward.

 When to say:  To thank someone.

9) Tawakkaltu AlAllah


 Phrase:  Tawakkaltu AlAllah.

 Meaning:  I place my trust in Allah.

 When to say:  To solve a problem.

10) La’ilahaillallah


 Phrase:  La’ilahaillallah.

 Meaning:  There is no God but Allah.

 When to say:  When getting up in the morning.

11) Alhamdulillah


 Phrase:  Alhamdulillah.

 Meaning:  Praise be to Allah.

 When to say:  When sneezing.

12) Yarhamukallah


 Phrase:  Yarhamukallah.

 Meaning:  May Allah bless you.

 When to say:  When hearing someone sneeze.

13) Ameen


 Phrase:  AAmeen.

 Meaning:  Accept our prayer.

 When to say:  At the end of a du’a.

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14) Astagfirullah


 Phrase:  Astagfirullah.

 Meaning:  I ask all to forgive me.

 When to say:  When repenting or to be sorry for a bad/sinful action.

15) Na’udhubillah


 Phrase:  Na’udhubillah.

 Meaning:  We seek refuge with Allah.

 When to say:  To show dislike.

16) Innalillahi wainna ilayhiraji’un

Inalillahi wainna ilaihi rajiun

 Phrase:  Innalillahi wainna ilayhiraajun.

 Meaning:  To Allah we belong and him we shall return.

 When to say:  On the news that a Muslim has passed away.

We as Muslims should do our best to learn all these phrases not only so we can learn to reply with good Islamic manners but also gain a reward because we’re replying in the correct way.

We pray that our article has helped you in some way. If you enjoyed this article do check out our others!

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