Assalamu Alaikum & Welcome to The Muslim Corner!

السلام عليكم

We are a small Islamic website that provides information regarding various aspects of Islam. All Fiqh related content will cover the teachings from the Hanafi school of thought, however, we will also provide more general information about Islam which will be very useful for new & existing muslims whether you follow a madhab or not.

Our goal is to provide high quality informative content which will help Muslims all around the world in becoming closer to Islam as well as fulfilling their Islamic duties correctly.

What makes us a little different & unique is that the majority of our content comes in the form of Islamographics (AKA infographics). This type of content is very easily shareable and often makes learning about Islam more fun rather than having to read through walls of text.

When it comes to bringing people closer to Islam, rather than talk about the punishments of jahanam for missing Salah, we’d prefer to talk about the countless blessings and bounties awaiting the righteous in Jannah!

My vision for this website is that over time it becomes an authoritative Islamic website which people will use regularly to further their knowledge of Islam.

Please remember me in your du’as.

جزاك اللهُ خيرًا

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