7 Common Fiqh Terms

7 Common Fiqh Terms

Understanding what the different Arabic fiqh terms mean is very important for every Muslim as it helps us distinguish between what has been made obligatory for us, what has been made haraam for us and everything in between.

Below we’ve put together a list of 7 common fiqh terms to help Muslims all around the world.

7 common fiqh terms infographic

 1) Fardh (Obligitary) 

What does Fardh or Farz mean? A task or action that must be performed. Leaving it out is sinful.

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 2) Wajib (Necessary) 

What does Wajib mean? Almost as important as Fardh & never missed by our Prophet (S.A.W). Leaving it out is sinful.

 3) Sunnah 

What does Sunnah mean? Anything Sunnah is the way of our Prophet (S.A.W). These acts are liked, practiced and approved.

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 4) Mustahab (Desirable) 

What does Mustahab mean? An act which is liked. You will be rewarded for doing it. If you don’t, it will not be counted as a wrong.

 5) Nafl (Optional) 

What does Nafl mean? An action or task which is optional. You will be rewarded for participating.

 6) Makrooh (Disliked) 

What does Makrooh mean? An act which is disliked.

 7) Haraam 

What does Haraam mean? Something that goes against Islam and is forbidden. Committing an haraam act will make one a major sinner.

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