10 Major Angels in Islam and their Duties

10 Major Angels in Islam and their Duties

There are a number of angels in Islam but only Allah (SWT) knows exactly how many.

That said, through the Qur’an & Hadith there are some angels that we’ve been blessed with knowledge about.

In this article we will cover 10 major angels in Islam. We will go over the angels names, their titles and their duties. Let’s get started!

10 important angels in islam

Before we go into the duties of each angel, let’s cover some important information regarding the angels we as Muslims should know.

  • All Muslims must believe in angels – Belief in angels is one of the six pillars of faith.
  • Allah (SWT) created angels who obey His every command and are sinless.
  • There are many angels and they have been given different duties by Allah (SWT).

10 Important Angels in Islam & their Duties

 1) Angel Jibra’il  

The angel Jibra’il (also known as Jibreel or Gabriel) is one of the 4 great angels and among them the most distinguished one. He was appointed to convey divine revelations from Allah (SWT) to the prophets.

  • He is mentioned in the Qur’an as being both powerful & trustworthy.
  • He regularly visited the prophet Muhammed (SAW) to help him in his mission of spreading/preaching Islam.
  • Angel Jibra’il has over 600 wings which would cover the whole horizon.
  • Our prophet (SAW) saw the angel Jibra’il in his real form.

  2) Angel Mikha’il  

The angel Mikha’il (also spelt as mikaeel) is another one of the 4 great angels. He is entrusted with taking care of the sustenance of man – some of his duties include:

  • The cultivation of crops.
  • Controlling the weather under the command of Allah (SWT).
  • Management of the seasons.

  3) Angel Israf’il  

The angel Israf’il (also spelt as israfeel) is also one of the 4 great angels. He is the angel of soor (the trumpet) and appointed to blow the trumpet to begin judgement day.

  • The angel Israf’il is waiting for Allah (SWT) command to blow the trumpet.
  • When commanded, he will blow the horn twice.
  • The first time he will blow the horn, the world will come to an end.
  • The second time he blows the horn, the day of judgement will commence.

  4) Angel Izra’il  

The angel Izra’il or Malak Al Maut (also known as Azrael) is the last of the four great angels in our list. He is the angel of death.

Simply put, he is responsible for removing the soul from the body at any time of death.

  5+6) Angels Munkar & Nakir  

The angles Munkar & Nakir are the angles of the grave and are appointed to ask questions to the deceased in their graves. They will ask the following 3 questions:

  1. Who is your lord
  2. What is your religion
  3. What did you say about this man (they will be referring to the prophet Muhammad (SAW)

  7+8) Angels Kiraman & Katibeen  

The angles Kiraman & Katibeen are the 2 angels that sit on the right and left of humans.

  • They are also known as the honorable recorders.
  • The angel on the right records the good deeds or a person.
  • The angel of the left records the bad deeds of a person.
  • These angels remain with a person until his death.

  9) Angel Maalik  

The angel Maalik is the angel appointed as the guardian of jahannam (hell fire).

  • Maalik is the overseer of hell and those inside it, managing them under the command of Allah (SWT)
  • When the prophet Muhammad (SAW) met all the angels during Isra and Miraj, every angel greeted him with a smile expect for Maalik as he is never meant to smile.

  10) Angel Ridwan  

Angel Ridwan is the guard at the gates of Jannah (paradise).

Although not directly mentioned in the Qur’an, his name does appear in some of the hadith and it the opinion of the majority of scholars that he is indeed in charge of all the gates of Jannah.

  A Final Word  

I hope this article has been beneficial and provides you with the information you were looking for in regards to some of the angels in Islam.

There are of course more angels and we may cover them in  a future article

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